About Us

We have upgraded the old adage: "You can improve it, if you can measure it", by appending to it: "You can measure it, if you can see it".

Modern value chains are complex, global in scope and can be a maze of multiple legacy IT applications. This means they are prone to multiple blind-spots making measurements either difficult or human dependent - neither of which are desirable for establishing a strong control. Avancer Systems aims to develop solution packages that eliminate these blind-spots and enable "Universal Value-Chain Visibility".

As a multi-disciplinary engineering & technology company focused on solving supply chain visibility problems, we pride ourselves on offering customized, relevant and cost-effective solutions for clients irrespective of the size and scale of their operations.

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Government of India Certified Startup

Featured on CNBC Awaaz

Winner of IIMM 2018 Best Supply Chain Tech Startup

Featured at the CII's NEXTGEN Logistics Conclave 2019

Featured at the Auto SCM Summit 2019

Selected as Top 15 supply chain tech startup out of 600+ startups