Smart Warehousing

Warehouse Management System


​A good warehouse management system is key to operating an efficient warehousing process. We offer two WMS solutions:

  • Cloud based solution for 3PL industry

  • On-premise solution for self-managed operations

In addition to covering the entire warehouse process, reporting and general inventory management, our solution can be easily integrated with external hand-held devices and other automation systems.

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Warehouses operations lend themselves to movement of large quantities of material. Material movement is a major cause of operator fatigue, warehouse inefficiencies and errors in operations. 

Our automation solutions include:

  • Smart Picking Carts

  • Conveying automation

  • Automatic palletizing

  • Pick-to-Light

Warehouse Process Improvement

Before an investment in automation and technology can be considered, it is imperative to ensure that warehouse process are optimized. Warehouse process optimization can result in significant improvements with minimal investment. 

Our process improvement approach combines deep domain knowledge, strong analytical skills and technology focus to deliver solutions that deliver sustainable competitive advantage.

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